hi guys just have some few questions about strings
A. Are alchemy string strongand also will they be good for slacks/whips?
B. Which do you prefer morenalchemy or angel hair?why?
I guess that’s it.

if your new then alchemy and angel hair arent great for you. They are amazing string but not reccomended to new players because of its slickness and how thin it is. Some 50/50 or polyester would be great for you. You can use alchemy once you get binds down to extremely minimal slips with poly or 50/50.

Edit: just saw your fav trick was yukki slack… facepalm.

anyways yeah it would be great but play over carpet a little because the knot will slip until broke in.

I use alchemy on pretty much all my yoyos unless they are super unresponsive, then I use a cotton/poly blend. Alchemy strings last for a long time, but not quite as long as angelhair. I am not a huge fan of angelhair only because I am not patient enough to break it in. I have been happy with slack tricks with the alchemy, but I recently started making custom poly blend string and I find that tightly wound poly makes for better slacks and suicides than alchemy.
anyway, i would reccomend buying a few of both and trying them out to see what suits you.

I skipped some advance tricks now i’m working on sme expert/master tricks now, maybe i’ll try both and add poly as well.

sorry i forgot to modify but could you add pros/cons on your replies?

pros cons :slight_smile:

alchemy string lasts FOREVER!!! 2 weeks per string, 1 week if your constantly throwing. It doesnt keep tension the best, but its still descent. I love it for whips, it whips like a beast on steiroids. seriously. But when i go to do slack tricks it doesnt hold tension very well, i prefer slick 6 for those types of tricks.

Well theres my 2 cents!