Alchemy String

After reading a review of Angel Hair strings by DocRobot, I became even more interested in trying out other strings beyond YYN Highlights. I ordered a 5 pack of Angel Hair, and a 100 pack of Alchemy (YYG only had 100pks, and YYN didn’t have them at all). But I am so pleased that I ordered the big pack.

First off, the string is butter smooth, wrapping 5 times around the gap didn’t slow down my DNA at all. It’s not as stiff as the AH but it is more stiff than a slick or an all poly. It broke in pretty quick, about an hour or so of play. As advertised, it does hold a nice loop while slacking or whipping.

It doesn’t seem to improve on sleep time for me, but it allows better use of that time as it hasn’t bitten, or gotten caught up anywhere.

The best part for myself is that despite sweaty hands, it still slides, and flies. My hands often sweat after playing for a while, then my string snags on fingers, and I have to put it down, of wash my hands with dish soap to dry them out. But this stuff plays the same despite the moisture. I haven’t played with the AH nearly as long, so I can’t make a fair comparison, but so far, I love the Alchemy.

If you have the means, go pick up a bundle of these fine strings, you’re likely to enjoy them. But make sure you have a nice strong bind, this string is pretty thin, about the size of a worn type 6.

It’s about $14 for a bundle of 100.