alchemy vs angel hair?

ive heard alot about angel hair (thanks to evan) did some reasearch and found out about alchemy strings ,so tell me what are the pros and cons of the two

I think alchemys are more rounded, but they are about the same

Angel are VERY stiff at first, they may even cut your finger. Alchemy isnt as stiff but needs some time to break in. I have played with both and personaly I like Alchemy for different reasons, It is great for slach and suicides but good, fast play and it very thin so less response. Angel is very good but you will need some time to break it in and make it the best it can be.

thanx to both of you but i need to know which lasts longer please

Well I don’t know about Alchemy strings, but my Angel Hair string is still lasting me from March 6. It lasts a long time, very long time.

alchemys are cheaper and last a long time. I ussually change it before it even starts to wear, like a week.

Angel hair lasts longer but a certain time is braking in. From the time you get to the “Sweet Spot” the lasting time is the same or Alchemy is longer. I would go with Alchemy in the end for the price and the quality.

From another post, Dryoyo said you can put the Angel Hair Strings in a dryer on high (Covered so it doesn’t get caught) That will break in the Angel Hair String.

Yes but I am talking Stock without that, aqnd that was in Doc’s “Angel Good… WHA” or whatever post as i recall.

Just trying to help he/she have a better experience with the string.