angel hair string

love you all; ;D, but I also like angel hair string would be nice to be able to get it here.
here’s a link…

… and alchemy :wink:

And G-string :wink:

It would be expensive though.

It sounds like element string! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t care what string I have. As long as I have a string, I’m happy. :wink:

mk as long as we are on the topic of string which is better angel hair or alchemy???

It’s quicker to break in alchemy


Haha, it kind of does. But Element doesn’t feel like fishing line or whatever, and don’t take too long to break in either.

Those strings are way too expensive to have on here. It would cost a lot for shipping to get here, and don’t mention the prices.

What’s wrong with regular strings?

Yeah. What he said! :stuck_out_tongue:

g-strings aren’t that expensive in my opinion. it really depends on how much you’re ordering. most of his stuff is like $5 ea. not all that bad. If you buy in bulk then you justify you’re shipping cost for the amount you buy. i think my last order was like $20 total.

I find regular string breaks down and is too thick for how i like to play. Just my opinion though. I like TH and INT from G-string personally.

I prefer SSE and Intentus and I just rodered 10 PX and 10 Regular. Think about this, people prefer highlites and about every highlite costs 10 cents each and each G-stirng costs 60 cents each other then PX, a highlite will last anywhere between 1 day to 2 days FOR ME and for some others, a G-string lasts anywhere between 1-2 weeks, so if a highlite lasts 1 day and a G-string lasts a week you would get a better deal if you get G-string. But its all prefernece, so if you want to get mass produced string then get highlites. I just like stirngs that cost more but plays better IMO.

^ Good point in regards to the money. Like you said, comes down to preference.