Alchemy vs. Angel Hair

Hey all! Ive read up about these 2 types of sting and they seem to be good for whips slacks etc. Well…at least better than the poly string here at yye lol Im just wondering for you that have tried both strings which is better for slacks? i mean alchemy is cheaper, but is it as good?

Any responses would be appreciated! thanks!

alchemy they break in faster

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Personally, I like Alchemy MUCH better then Angel Hair, even after it’s broken in.

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Alchemys are also really strong too… so yes I would go with Alchemy. Plus it sounds cool… ;D

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well i ordered a 100 pack of orange alchemy string!!! thanks for the input everyone! it really helped!

polys- cheaper, better, period

Never again. “Nuf said”

Well which one lasts longer?

Angel Hairs last longer but Alchemies just feel and play much better. More weighty and sturdy, less rough and plasticy. Good choice _|@<06. The orange is beautiful too by the way, especially brand new.

Not telling what you should get. I just my opinion. I have tried just about every string there is. I can’t stand those super fast nylon/plastic/garbage strings. If it’s not a poly or cotton or a 50/50 blend of the two I won’t use them. They just feel terrible to me.

A friend of mine makes Toby Strings. Now these are 100% poly but have a super fast feel to them. Last longer than the highlights or yye strings an feel just about the same. These are (to me) the perfect string. Samad’s are a close second!

The alchemys are very light; therefore perfect for whips, especially when broken in.

Ive had alchemy string for a while, and i can say that i absolutely love it for whips! it whips like a beast…on steiroids…no joke lol but the one thing i dont like about it is that it loses tension rather quickly and once it loses it it gets BAD lol but other than that its a great string!