Value drop between NIB and Mint?

(ClockMonsterLA) #1

What is the difference in resale value, roughly speaking, between a yoyo that has never been taken out of its packaging versus one that has been taken out (and stored in a protective case) but never used?


Very little if any drop for most yoyos. Most yoyos nowadays come with a box, not in a sealed package. If you still have the box and everything it came with, whether you took it out or not isn’t really important for most people and most yoyos.


So really it’s a question of “how much is having the box and any extras worth” and I’d say … around $20, max, in most cases? Unless the packaging was super special in some way or had extra thing(s) attached. Some yo-yos do!

(InvaderDust) #4

There is no difference to me between NIB and Mint. I dont care if you played with it. I do tend to care if its been gashed or dinged. I do not find any addition value of an unopned “sealed” if you will, box. Id honestly rather it have been played with. That way they know how much if any vibe, or such.


For some yo-yos like CLYWs. People such as my self love to have the box as well


Packaging to me is an absolute waste other than what is needed to get the yoyo to the buyer. I did use a wooden box I got for yoyo packaging to hold note cards. Other than that, packaging sits there so I can say I have the container for the next owner.


I’d say for some cases this is true. But I think more people would want your draupnir since you have you box :slight_smile:


I remember the days when you could expect a Draupnir to be gone in under an hour if you were selling it for less than $200. Now I regularly see Draupnirs for $150-$180 sitting for a good bit.

What a time to be alive