-Inspired by 500 Days of Summer (External Embedding Disabled)

I focused more on the city than on the tricks, I wanted to do something like in 500 DoS to the city of SF.
I’m not from SF, just visiting, but I think it is a really beautiful city.
Even if you don’t really enjoy the tricks, please watch it for the clips of the city. O yeah, I highly suggest watching the movie, because it’s one of the coolest movies of the year.

-Ryan Gee


That was amazing Ryan!

Loved the look of the city, and gow you mixed it with yoyoing. Great video!

(Mitch) #3

I dig it… Very artsy… Makes me want to go see SF…

I like your yoyoing as well

very good, two thumbs up!


WOW. that was one of the best videos ive seen, the shots of the city were great. Good job!

(SR) #5


(Infinite Chaos) #7

The best video that I have viewed yet. It honestly was done to perfection! Wow. I applaud you man. :o


Im speechless… That Video was probably the best I’ve seen in a LONG LONG time. Nice job man. :slight_smile:


That was great. The scenery, the playing, the whole feel. Wow. That was amazing! :o

(Eleazar) #10



great editing and yoyoing ! some of your tricks are cool and funny lol i liked it a lot !

you’re a great yoer !

( maybe i should visit united states … but for the next worlds lol)


i cant get enough of this

(Johnny T) #13

Great video. I really enjoyed it. ;D Go Chinatown!!!


Thanks guys! ;D

(Zach Smith) #15

Wow. This was so good. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD. I mean, jeez, amazing. i can’t put it in words. Three thumbs up. Six stars. Amazing. ;D