I know I just posted a new video, and you guys are probably all tired of seeing them. However, a video that I made 4 years ago just reached 20,000 views!  Out of all of my “artistic” attempts at music/art/videomaking, I find this video the one I am most proud of. I know the tricks are really outdated and not that great, but check it out!

Thanks for bearing with my incessant posting.

Best regards,

2 Things:

  1. You’re nowhere NEAR exhausting anyone’s patience. As far as I can tell, nobody can get enough of your videos. Or maybe that’s just me projecting. :wink:

  2. I only wish my tricks were that “dated”. Hahah! As I throw another Spirit Bomb (with great joy, I should add… not complaining), you can rest assured that your tricks created 3 years ago are still very fresh! They’re holding up well and fit right in as a part of the style you’re cultivating.

Fantastic filmmaking, too! The constant scene changes and angle changes kept everything entertaining, and the soundtrack was pretty good, too.

Okay so vagabond sounds like some kind of weird body cream. Can someone clear this up for me :wink:

I just named the video after the title of the song, but a vagabond is a person who wanders from place to place - kind of like a nomad.