Hardest I’ve ever worked on a yoyo video. Watch it in HD. Hope you enjoy!


great great video and editing

Wow! Fantastic video. I can only imagine the time (and takes) it took to shoot and edit this. Great job!

Thanks guys!

Apparently this went slightly viral overnight.

good vid man. i loved it!

Woah, insta viral.

Hey “SwagWagon”, are you on Twitter? Let’s get this more viral!

I’m not, actually, but I’ve been bumping it on Facebook as much as possible.

Also, I’m sick of “Swagwagon,” how do I go about getting my name changed?

Wow! Look at that view count. Earlier today when i saw it, it had a mere 2,500. Well deserved mike, get ready to start winning contests, because it’s in the near future

This is awesome. Looks like a lot of work and effort went into this.

My choice for MWC. Its going to be tough to beat Mike if these are the tricks he WON’T be doing.

That suicide at 1:16 was really good.

Pm a mod.

100,000 views! I can’t believe it!

Thanks for the tip.

Great Video! Tricks were off da chain!

You blew my mind away. Now I need to find it before school starts. :confused:

i bet someone is going to get a sponsor lol

That’s awesome dude I enjoyed all your other videos but this one is fantastic. Glad you got recognition for it.

Boom I asked YYE to put it on the blog,

on the blog it is. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting it. u practice a lot your skills ;D