So I decided to name this "Swag Mickey". Yeah.

Just a bunch of tricks have never filmed.

My blanket is so manly.

That majesty is hawt

The Mickey Mouse bedding is legit and full of swagger.

Lol, why thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: It made an appearance in my previous video and I mentioned it. :slight_smile:

It sure is. :slight_smile:

I found that quite amusing.

I found that quite awesome. :slight_smile:

Good goly, that was awesome! :o

Oh, and name it Swag Mickey.

So much swag. I can’t even take it ;D
But for real though. Subscribed.

Thanks so much guys. :smiley:

Great idea… :slight_smile:

You didn’t change the name on youtube?

Thanks for choosing my name. :stuck_out_tongue: