Watch Out, my new trick


Here it is

I havent named it, please help me on the name. Thank for the name.

Sorry for the bad quality. Constructive criticism is welcomed.


wow that was really awesome!!!
i think you should call the trick watch out!




Yeah, “Watch Out” sounds like a good name. That was really cool, by the way.


Yeah, I think that will be the name, sounds nice.


that was pretty good! ;D And i do like that name! :smiley:


so everyone likes the name :slight_smile:


Here is another video of it, this time with a little bit more of quality


that is a pretty cool name!

(M²) #10

I think that is a pretty cool name. The trick is also pretty cool. Personally, i prefer shorter tricks, because they allow for more flexibility. But it was pretty good, there was some moves i like and some i didn’t.


Nice trick! It was really smooth. :wink:


Can you make a tutorial please :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Awesome trick