bored at week end

so, i’m off work today, and got really bored.
i try to do something positive… new vid.

tell me what you think.

great stuff man

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original :slight_smile:

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Kristiawan, you already know how much I love you. But your style has just gotten so much better since the last time I saw you. I dig it, my friend.

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Very nice video, very smooth tricks, very slick style.

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thank you all, I’m glad you like it.
and i think i have to mention it, that first move to wrist mount at the first trick, that was Vashek’s, i so it’s not all original. ;D

thanks Q, my best friend.
youre comment really make my day. really glad you like this.
make me want to try harder. :slight_smile:

VERY flowing!!!

thanks, glad you like it.

Dude loved that the Video also loved your style, Slow and smooth. like a jazz song. Amazing vid good job looking forward to see mroe videos

thanks man.
well, my computer crashed, so expect nothing new until i worked something up… :’(

very good! is that a raw battasoi?