Urban Style.(Now featured on Yoyoskills.com and Yoyoforesight!)

A Fun vid my friend and I filmed the other day. It was awesome.

CC on the tricks and whatnot is greatly appreciated.
This was super fun to film and make for me!

Dude, stop being better than everyone else. It’s not cool.

Anyways, that was pure epicness. You going to Cal States?

No I wish! I actually don’t live near california at all haha. I will be at SCR and Worlds possibly though. Thanks for the support!


Killed it BRA.

NICE! that was sick dude. What was that song called?

Watch till the end of the vid or read description for song :slight_smile: Thanks for the comments guys!

Now featured on Yoyoskills.com!!

And 4sight!!

Damn dude you guys got skills, im impressed. are you in that park by preston jr high?

I will not answer that question. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway. Oh and a meet may happen in the very near future. :slight_smile:

My bad dude i reall didnt mean to offend, i was just curious cause i thought it looked familar :-[

anyway amazing tricks, they flow really well