30 Days

Who said 7 days was going to be enough? :]



You constantly put out the greatest videos, and this is obviously no exception.

I am really blown away by your diverse yoyoing prowess, and your editing skills.

Make more videos, or I will find you :wink: .

I’ll probably have to find you anyways.


Absolutely amazing editing and tricks!

I quoted that last part on my facebook…

Wow, that was awesome. nice editing loved the tricks too.

Very cool concept!

Very very fantastic. Send this to MysteryGuitarMan! Let’s see what he’ll think about it.

LOVE IT! You’re the probably the nicest guy too. The filming and editing was great. Keep make those videos Alexis!

you always have good videos!
this video is nothing but pure win

Oh My Gosh you just made my day! AMAZING!

I Smiled! :slight_smile:

holy crap that was awesome

Wow thanks everybody, I really respect and appreciate all your comments! :slight_smile:

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You rock! I love all your video’s and this is no exception. Great! I really like how you are teaching with a nice attitude! Love learning from you! :smiley:

cool tricks, but i was so caught up in the video, i didn’t even pay much attention to them!

very nice job!

what’s the song in the vid?

Thanks again everybody! :smiley:

The music I used in this video is: Nelly - Just a Dream

This is all i have to say: :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o. ;D, good yoyoing.

you plan that sticker placement right. thats awesome.
whats more is the concept , blew me away…

Great great great jod editing and really cool tricks i love how you incorperated all 5 styles, Really cool video.