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happy (now late) valentine’s day.

Very coool video!! I loved when it wouldd flash between snow and indoors

Good video. I was expecting to see a heavier-set somewhat older gentleman. You know, the kind of guy who might be a bouncer at a local club. A “Big Mike” kind of guy. :wink:

Agreed about the flashing between locations. It’s harder to do it convincingly than it looks, but you pulled it off nicely.

Such good tricks, and you’re editing skills are so good. The cuts between inside and outside were really clean.

Great job! Cool editing, good music and neat tricks! the flashing between settings was really neat and well made enough that it wasn’t too distracting, so all around nice video!

Awesome vid!

absolutely amazing


Thanks, everyone! Glad you all like the edit. I’m really satisfied with it, once I got going it happened really naturally. Way easier/faster than usual for me. Kind of focused more on the visuals and the edit than the yoyoing this time, for a change of pace.

Haha, I get that a lot. It’s supposed to be ironic, but that doesn’t always translate online.

I expected to see Mordecai. Lol, but for real, that my friend was an awesome vid, great editing, Swaggin tricks, that’s the total package man. The only thing I didn’t like was when it ended, I WANT MORE!

You’re absolutely amazing…I really wish I could meet you in person,you are one of biggest inspirations

Hmmm… That yoyo looks familiar… I wonder where you got it…
Glad you are playing it.

Wow, thanks. I dunno if you’ll be at Worlds or BAC but I know I’m going to those, plus the Northeast contests like always… Feel free to add me on facebook, too.

You’ll be at NER right?

Also, PLEASE make tutorials. Or are there already tutorials for those tricks?

I’ll definitely be at NER, and almost certainly MA States too. As for tutorials, I’m a bad enough teacher already, and I don’t know how to make them. But come talk to me at NER and I’ll try to show you whatever you want to learn!