Autonomous.  New video with Mike Goody, Keiran Cooper, and Wilson Van Gundy.  Shot on a GoPro HERO HD.  Any comments would be highly appreciated.

Nice video and cool music.


Groovy! I liked the fact that you had three different people. The different styles were really interesting to watch both separately as a unit. Also, good on you for doing so many changes in scenery, that was really refreshing.

All the tricks are really good. They’re creative, exciting, and y’all present them with a definite degree of style.

One note to the dude in the black and white checkered shirt… don’t make yoyo videos with a light colored shirt. We can’t see a thing, and your tricks deserve to be seen.

I loved it. Good on y’all!

Thanks so much! Yeah, that’s me in the checkered shirt. It was probably a bad idea, but to me I could see the string fine. Maybe watch it in 1080p? Help see it better?

Any other comments?




See you @ the next 2Yo meet!

See you

Good video like the others have said; just work on re-shooting the tricks with the bigger mistakes in them so the flow of the video isn’t interrupted.

Great lighting and song choice though.

Yeah. It was like hard for everybody to get their tricks clean that day, :P.

nice all flow very well!