Using the yo-yo again after 9 longs years!

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Hello everyone! this is my first post and i just got a loop 1080 and a hubstack afterglow!

The 1080 is like a DREAM if i had that 9 years ago i would have freaked out! its so easy to use its like traditional yo-yo! pulled it out of the box and i love the it!

The hubstack after glow however is soooooooooooooooo much different then i thought it was going to be! So i tried doing a normal sleep like on the 1080 but for some strange reason, it does not return like a normal yoyo? Is there some type of tutorial online? google search ain’t doin it for me.

Also my loop 1080 has come undone a few times also, is there away to prevent it? i put the string on over the yoyo i remeber that much not to do with yoyos

thanks in advanced guys i have heard good things about this forum!


Learn to bind. The trick is called a bind.


Many yoyo’s are unresponsive now and require a bind which can be learned here.

If I were you though, I’d start right at the beginning to learn more about modern yoyoing.(here)

Good luck and welcome!

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fellas thank you ill check all the links!


Welcome Back!
As others have said, i Highly suggest you start learning the basics from here, yoyoexpert.

can you clarify what you mean by “Coming undone”?
Also i noticed how you said it won’t come back like “a normal yoyo”;These days, What we call “unresponsive yoyos” are what is dominating the yoyo community in popularity, and overall play.
The loop 1080 is shaped like the old, classic which used to be everyone image of a yoyo.

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BTW, nice username.


Welcome back.

I think he means the loop 1080. It randomly untwists causing a yoyo EXPLOSION! Halves going to different parts of the room and spacers and bearing going all willy-nilly! :o haha

I’ve thought about gluing it, but I’ve just been re-tightening it every 10mins of play.

The afterglow will take a half-spec bearing (half the width of the bearing you have now) making it responsive. If you would like one, I have 5-6 I have no use for. If you are interested, just PM me your address. You could also put thick lube on the bearing you have now. 3-in-one oil works well, just put a few drops in whenever it gets less responsive.

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damn binding is hard :frowning: any advice on doing a basic bind?


Practice. It’s not as hard as it seems, what bind are you starting out with?

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this technique


Always remember to pinch the string as you let go to bind and flick your throw hand up at the same time. Trust me you will get it with some practice.


I learned the basic maneuvers from Andres tutorials. Remember, pull over your index finger, with the yoyo behind your finger and the string in front and mount it on the string. Pinch and then pull up with your Throw hand and down with your non throw hand ( the terms for throw hand and Non throw hand that are used in tutorials are TH and NTH )


Use the second technique in that video. The first and third aren’t commonly used in modern play.

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getting the hang of this again :D. Did a reverse around the world with the hubstack and binded it back up and made my own trick on day 2. Sooooooo glad i started doing this again!