Loop 720 super responsive

I’ve been at looping for quite a few months now using loop 360, and pretty much nailed the inside loop. So i thought i’d try the 720. Well it came today and my question is what am i doing wrong ? to say its responsive is an understatement its like the string is nailed to the axle. It goes up and down, loops etc but try and take out the string tension and it just won’t have it. I can’t even get it to sleep never mind walk the dog.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Have you taken the string off and put it back on? It’s sounds like it’s stuck between the bearing and the bearing seat.

yep tried that. it appears there is hardly any bearing showing. The bearing seams to recess inside the seat / spacer.

That’s odd. Can you post a pic? I’ll take mine apart and compare.

I knew you’d say that, i’m afraid that technology has, erm not reached me yet.
The spacer is red if thats any help :smiley:

Mine are red as well. Well the gap between the spacers is really small. I don’t mean this with any disrespect but are you pretty proficient throwing a sleeper on a fixed axle yoyo? With the small gap and somewhat responsive bearing there’s a bit of a “touch” to get the yoyo to sleep. I can throw my 720 down and get it to return as if the string was tied to the axle if I choose to throw it that way. That make sense lol?

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No disrepect taken. Its a valid question.
Yes no problems sleeper, walking animals ect ect on 360 and wood fixed axle, imperial etc. Do you think it could just be extremely responsive ? I’ve done a quick search and there are different coloured spacers on the market. The bearing appears to show only about 1 and a bit millimeters.
All this thing is good for at the minuite is looping. The 360 i was getting double or nothing .

I’ve never tried to hit a double or nothing with mine so I just tried. It sleeps all the way until I actually catch the yoyo on the string. Then it grabs. If yours won’t sleep for the around the world type portion of the double or nothing it’s definitely more responsive than mine.

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Just managed to get it to sleep. This thing is super responsive. I think its just me. Perhaps with a bit of use the starburst will ease a little.

On reflection this may be a little too responsive for my tastes. I will keep trying for the short term though. I was hoping that with starburst it would negate the need for replacing pads and at the same time get a more consistant loop, but if i also want to do other tricks it may be a case of just keep with the 360 or Oracle equivalent.
Oh well perhaps its a case of all that gliters isn’t always gold :smiley:

Many many thanks for your input on this, it helps to have a different take on things, even its just talking it through.


You also might have too thick of a string. Also keep in mind that you really only need it to sleep enough to do wraps, not string tricks.


Good points.
I think i may also be asking too much of it.

When you put the string on the 720 make sure you pull it tight to get any kinks out around the bearing. I’ve had this issue a few times since I use a pretty tightly wound string with my 720s. If there’s even the smallest kink in the string it will catch the starburst quite a bit.


I had the same experience with mine when I bought mine at a contest. Somehow the issue went away. Definitely try retwisting the end and getting out kinks like @YoYoExpertGarrett mentioned above. It could possibly be that there is lube that needs to break down (just a guess; they might come dry).

Don’t give up on them yet. I bet you’ll be ok eventually. They are a little more responsive than others, but you can still do long round the worlds on them.

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No factory lube on 720’s


Cheers guys
I think you all have valid input. It never crossed my mind about a kink in the string :grinning:


I’ve now had a little bit of time with the 720. hmmmmm
It is hyper responsive, it makes looping so easy its incredible. That said i have been using a 360 / oracle for quite a few months, so maybe i’ve just gotten a little better.
My opinion is still undecided as to wether it was worth the purchase or not as i do like being able to do other stuff apart from looping. Like minor string trick.
With the oracle i can carry it about anywhere, hit it off the pavement without worry and still try a few trapeze / double or nothings.
Whereas do the same with the 720 and it will crack or smash on the pavement, take my fingers off with double or nothing.
Its a real dilemma.
Any views guys.