HI ALL, please help newbie questions

Hi guys, so today i received a pair of loop 1080 from my gf suddenly, as she knows i haf interest in yoyo but never start
so i looked up the site and try to do some basic stuff, as far as i know these yoyos should be responsive, however, it doesnt really sleep then they bounce back, not even 2 seconds, no matter how hard i throw,
then i tried a forward toss, it was ok, but when i tried to do one loop, i haf no idea why the yoyo disc face forward when it comes out and spins
can anyone advice me what to do on the technique?
the string is 100% cotton yoyoexpert, and didnt mod anything
thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: ;D

I don’t have experience with this particular yoyo, but the technique is to throw straight (rather that hard) so the string doesn’t touch the walls (ideally) and slow down because of that friction.

Also, I understand this yoyo has adjustable gap, so you should experiment with that and see what works for you.

It sounds like the gap is too tight. The gap on a Loop 1080 is adjustable and on the tightest setting sleepers are difficult or impossible. You probably want to loosen the gap using the hex key that was included with the yo-yo.

After you loosen the gap to a reasonable setting you will find that the harder you throw, the more you will need to cushion the impact at the end of the string if you want it to sleep. You’ll get a feel for it eventually.

Looping will take a lot of practice and there are a lot of learning resources on this site in the “Learn” section up top (Looping Basics) and on the Forum. Check those out.

so, i tried to adjust the gap to almost the widest, it does sleep longer when using the original string, however, when i try the yyexpert string , 100% cotton, no matter how wide i adjust the gap, still cant sleep for a second,
2nd, still got problem with the basic loop, i dont know why it always turn out with the yoyo disc facing forward everytime i twisted! so annoying, anyone got more advices to help me overcome this problem?
thanks a lot

Looping is one of the harder styles to advance in, it takes a lot of practice so don’t be discouraged if you’re not looping in your first few days.

Unfortunately there’s no looping secret, it just takes practice.  Try watching our looping tutorials and any other looping videos you can find.

Start here:

Study their technique and keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough!  ;D

And for the string: Cotton is a little thicker than the stock polyester string the loop 1080 came with, that’s probably why it isn’t sleeping as long.  Stick to the polyester if it is working better for you.