URRG. Need help w/sil on the meteor.So wierd!!!!

okay so everytimes i silicone my meteor i let it dry overnight and i sili ot around 4pm but when i go to break it in its just feels like the yoyos craking sort of(which its not) and then you look inside the yoyo and certain parts are just gone. so confusing but on any other yoyo it works perfectly fine.

does your meteor do this?
can you help?

what might be happeneing is it might not be cured all the way yet. wait like 12 hours for it to be completely cured. another thing is that the responce place might be to shallow

Let the sili dry for 24 hours for best results

When I silicone my Meteor it works perfect.

The recess on meteor isn’t hat deep, but not shallow eiher.
And maybe, you got air bubble in there when you do your silicone job, this combination sometimes will cause things that happen to you.
It happen in my OG G5.

Try to make it recess rather than flush with a certain tool, like a spoon. Recessing will cause less friction, and less “string eating response” effect.
But this sometimes make the yoyo slightly harder to bind.