flow sili weardown

I just yesterday silied my yoyo and after 3 or so hours of play, the sili was gone, but only on one side. on the other it was pristine. did i do something wrong? Along with re-siliing i bought 2 pairs of sili o rings, well hopefully it works…

If there was any dust or anything in that side it could have ripped out and you just didn’t know it.

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Thank you icthus. Im a noob who got his 1st real yoyo like 2 weeks ago or so. I dont know anything lol.

also make sure that the silicone has dried (wait about 5 hours), and even then, dont do any heavy play until it has cured (24 hours)

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I had done that. I just re silied it and now the other side is messed up!!! on the bright side im getting some new o rings instead of sili. o well

Don’t worry. The O-Rings will work.

Try cleaning the recess with some sort of alcohol. Helped me get the silicone to grip. Just swab it, and then wait for it to dry, and recess as normal. Also, I think air bubbles effect that quality.

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What kind of yo is it.  Some have a very shallow groove.  Also always clean with alchohol, silicon and wait 24 hrs before using.
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and i have the o rings. and they wont stay in! I wait this long bored and this is all I get!

Try a dab of silicone in the groove to help? Like a thin layer of silicone, than your O-rings. Or double sided tape.

fixed it!
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