a question in siliconing

ok when the silicone almost dried i found out that little very tiny of peices of dried up silicone are there because i scratch the excess silicone(the extra silicone on the bearing seat, side of the yoyo etc…) and i cant seem to take it out because im scared to ruin the silicone and its too tiny…so is it ok???


I don’t really understand what you are trying to say, try explaining it better please.

It won’t ruin it. I think…

Are you talking about extra silicone on the bearing seat? If so, just use a small knife or paper clip to get it out. But please, try to explain your problem a little more clearly.

I think it should be fine. I’ve experienced this before too.

ok so when i tried siliconing my yoyo some of the silicone went to the bearing seat and to sides.about an hour later after it turned a bit hard i scratch off the excess silicone that is on the bearing seat and the sides but many very tiny silicone from the excess part went to the silicone o ring when it is not yet fully dried… so there are like many white dots(silicone) on the silicone o ring.Is it gonna be fine?

are you sure???

Let it dry, then throw it. If it isn’t playing well, rip it all out and re-do it.

how do you rip it off???

Yeah, it happened to me before. I couldn’t get off the little pieces either, so I just played it.

Let it dry, THEN play and do lots of bind returns. Thus scraping off unnecessary silicone with your string. Also, it pretty much shapes out the final outcome of your silicone response. Makes it perfect for binds and unresponsiveness.

Get a needle under it and rip it out. Or use pliers…

Could use an exact-O knife A.k.A a clay sculpting knife to cut it off. You can pick them up at hobby stores. Or you could just use a really sharp folder to cut it off with. Other than that just play it. That should where it down. Later.

P.S A folder is a pocket knife.

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