Sillicone in bearing seat problem!


Okay so I accidentally got some flowable sillicone in the bearing seat of my DV888 and my PROTOSTAR and it’s BARELY any like I scraped it all off with a little tack and there’s like 1/10th of a hair left and it’s stopping my yoyo from working correctly… does anyone know how to fix this?

(PikachuCanYoyo?) #2

keep picking at it or play it until it gets loose and falls out.

(Hardcore_Max) #3

As PikachuCanYoyo said just pic it out, use an object that is wide and flat that allows you to get all the silicone out when it dries



Clean it using a paint thinner… the paint thinner will dissolve the hair, silicone and the dirt in it…


He didn’t say there was a hair in it, just that there was a hair’s size of silicone left. Using paint thinner will slowly dissolve the plastic. Getting a little bit of it on the yoyo wouldn’t matter, but if you let it sit there for a while, it wouldn’t be good for your yoyo.


whenver this happens to me i just use ispropyol alchohol on a q tip