Uhh how did this happen?!

Ok so i got a old version dv888 in a trade and when i unscrewed the yoyo i found hairs under the bearing seat, also the bearing did not spin very well at all so i put a new one in, fast forward 18 hours my brother found the bearing and put it in his mouth after taking it out i spun it, and to my amazement he unlocked the bearing with his spit. ???

you’re brother’s saliva disolved whatever was clogging your bearing. Like the same way lighter fluid does.

as for the hair in the bearing seat, i don’t know. Some poor kid probably got it stuck in their hair somehow.

Well there was hair in the bearing after i cleaned it.


My kid’s Protostar locked up. It was full of hair. Reason? I part own a beauty/barber college, and so no doubt his playing his yoyo there, hair was pulled down deep into the yoyo and made its way past the spacers, past the shields and into the bearing itself. Removing the spacers was a chore. The rest was pretty fast and easy.

The same thing happened to me, but it was from walking the dog on a hairy carpet.

you do everything.

Please be aware, I don’t do those kind of services. I don’t have a license nor the skills to do any of those kind of services or teach.

Just felt I should clarify!

Wow, this seems to be a viable alternative to Mineral Spirits or Lighter Fluid. It’s organic, and best of all, free! :stuck_out_tongue:

And bearing rust is 100% Guaranteed!

*Free after 3 equal payments of $9.99