Silicone trouble


The trouble is that any time I take out my worn out flowable silicone. The silicone comes out in a big crumbly mess. This happened three times in a row. I suspect there is some kind of residue or something left behind that makes my silicone harder to get out and clean. Is there anything I can do to clean up the tiny bits left in the groove? Is there some kind of chemical that dissolves silicone.
Last what can I do to prevent this in the future?


you want that. The other option is it coming out while you play.
I find a little lube helps remove the particles but not all that much.
What I use is a tooth pick broken in half. the part where the break is will have a better surface for scraping the stuff off.


I take some graphite and just rub it all around in the recess , it won’t fall out and will be easy to take out. Also if there is still silicone residue you can take a q tip dip it in paint thinner and just go around and clean the recess (make sure the q tip isn’t dripping with paint thinner).


Can acetone work as a sub for paint thinner?


I’m pretty sure Acetone is the main ingredient in most paint thinners so yes, but I’d be a little worried using it (or any solvent for that matter) on a plastic yoyo, but if you dilute it, it shouldn’t be to big-of-a deal.


Thank you everyone.


Interesting. When I take out silicone, it always comes out whole, almost like a pad. I simply use a needle and slowly pry it out from underneath.


Most of my yoyos work fine. (classic, punchline, code1) But My protostar does the same thing. I dread taking the pads out.


Just a “Heads Up” that if you decide to use acetone to remove your silicone, just be darned sure, like was previously mentioned, that you do not drip it on any other part of your YoYo. It will remove or destroy your ano.

I ruined a perfect Avalanche doing this exact procedure with acetone. I was soooooo angry with myself.

Just sayin…


This is happening to my chief. What will the acetone do to the yoyo and the ano?