removing excess silicone


does anybody know how? i’m using picks and it isn’t working.


I use tooth picks and tweezers. Its easy just takes time.


If you’re digging out RTV products, which include flowable, then keep at it. You’ll just need to keep scraping and digging. You can use a pin if you want but that could scratch your yoyo. You could also try some mineral spirits. It may soften things up.


If the silicone has already cured, removing it can be a bit of a chore. I’m a fan of using the end of an old mechanical pencil. The tip is small enough to get into the corners of a bearing seat and strong enough rub the silicone away, but it won’t scratch your yo-yo.

When you silicone a yo-yo, it is best to remove as much silicone as you can while it is still wet. I have found that a guitar pick is great for putting the silicone into the groove, smoothing it out, and scraping up most of the excess. I also use paper towels to clean up as much excess silicone as I can.

When the silicone has dried, but not fully cured, it is very easy to clean up. After you silicone a yo-yo, let the silicone dry for about an hour and then rub off the excess silicone with a mechanical pencil, your fingers, etc.

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Take a q tip. Put rubbing alcohol on the tip. Scrape where you need silicone off. It has saved the bearing seat of many yoyos…


Wait are you talking about a plastic or metal yoyo?