How do you apply flowable silicone to your yoyo?

Well, perhaps I am deficient in some way, but simply using the bottle to directly apply the silicone to the yoyo isn’t quite working for me, not precise enough, some always ends up where the bearing sits, which I would definately assume is not a good thing.

How do you apply yours?

I just put it in the groove. Some gets in the bearing seat sometimes, but usually not.

should I worry about it not accomadating the entire groove or not?

It should still work if there are some empty spots.

I personally like to use a guitar pick to smooth out the silicone, then use the big corner to make it deeper, but I still put it in from the bottle and I use the nozzle to try to avoid getting it in the bearing seat, but if it happens I leave it to dry and carefully remove it.

when I apply my rtv to my yoyo I just pump it into the response area use an old atm card to level it out then use my finger and some spit to smooth it all out and slightly concave the response, almost everytime goes into the bearing seat area but when it dries just pick it all out. Its no biggy

Ok. It’s all done up now. But now my yoyo bearing seat looks a lot dirtier, but no performance seems to have gone. Thanks for the guitar pick idea too. That is a good way to do it.

Just wondering if there is some dissolvant or something I cab use to clean my yoyo, as I couldn’t get it all with the toothpick.

I dont think that there is a product that would be safe to use that can disolve silicone, I guess you could use some mineral spirits to wipe down the yoyo when the silicone has dried but as for removing excess you can rub the yoyo in the palm of your hand or use a set of tweezers that fit into the bearing seat, to get all the little chunks of sili off