Removing old silicone?

Im new to silicone. I bought a yoyo of someone and they did a really bad silicone job, or its just really worn out. Im peeling it but it comes off in small chunkes and is not going smothly.

Any remedies? A special tool?

I used a screwdriver but it sometimes scrapes ano
find whats best for you

I like to use the end of a pencil, preferably mechanical.

Cut a small strip off of an old credit card or some kind of hard plastic about the width of the response groove and dig away.

I use a really thin flat head screw driver, the tiny sets for like removing screws from eye glasses. And with a light touch it comes out easily.

Sewing Pin.

I take a Q-tip and remove all the cotton and just use the stick to scrape everything out.


This, only I soak the silicone in malt vinegar for an hour or two before I start digging it out. Makes the process much easier.

Sweet. Thanks a lot. the q-tip worked, but i plan on trying the others.