Silicone procedure questions

How do you take out your silicone when your binds aren’t tight anymore?
I usually have to scrape it off because it doesn’t cleanly come off.

Do you prep your yoyo to accept new silicone for example, do you have to clean the groove with rubbing alcohol or something before you silicone?

It depends on things outside my control.

I have had responses wear down and then needing to be removed. Pre-made response pads(that you purchase) tend to come out the easiest for me: stick with a pin to hook, then pull slowly and evenly and it comes out clean.

With siliconed yoyos, it can be anywhere from just about as easy, to a major chore of scraping and scratching with toothpicks so I don’t scratched the ano. I’ll also clean the area using compressed air to blow out other stuff. I also work under a bright light to help me catch more stuff. This seems sufficient.

I use a pin and stab it, then pull it out.

Same here. I just re-siliconed about 15 throws with Monkey Snot and just used a pin to pluck the old silicone out. On nearly all of them it just peeled away pretty easily. Best thing about flowable is that there is no adhesive left behind. Eventually I plan on moving all my throws over to silicone. If you find that there is some of it still there just take your time and peel it away. Rubbing alcohol can leave behind a small amount of water when it evaporates so either wipe it down after or just be thorough in your removal.