silicone hard to remove


Hey fellow yoyoers :slight_smile:
I got a yo that had silicone as the response pads. I tried removing the silicone to replace with snow tires
but it has tiny pieces and are hard to scape out. I don’t want to scratch the yo or nothing like that.
I scraped as much as I can and used the snow tires but they stick out and don’t fit properly.
is there a proper way to remove it? I had no problems like this before.
Any suggestions?


Im guessing with snow tires its a CLYW?

Use a Q-tip and cut one of the ends off

Use the small end (the side you just cut) and run it through
After that flip it around and use the other side to finish it


bro I tried this many times with qtip and even a capri sun straw
What else?


Hmm, what yoyo is it? You could try pouring some acetone into the pad recess.


its a avalanche and
woah im just tryna remove a lil bit like little specks that are hard to smear off
I can’t find anything that doesn’t scratch the metal
well its the inside yeah, but I also have a gnarwhal that has a scratch by the axle hole. And it causes the bearing not to spin Properly, and I don’t wanta do this to the avalanche


Try some googone, or the ever reliable lighter fluid.


;D :o I was thinking bout the lighter fluid for a second…
I scraped most of it out with some snapped toothpicks and some long schishcabob sticks
but its still there. Its still in the corners and such.
already put the snow tires on cuz I couldn’t get anymore out, and it gave some space, but still not fitting tite and snuggly.
im gonna have to get another pair before I try the fluid


Sometimes new silicone will help get it out.


I personally love using monkey snot silicone but I like to keep my CLyDUB yos Snow tired up :slight_smile:
but I think im gonna try the lighter fluid first . If it doesn’t work il shoot some fresh snot into it ;D


Sharpen a wooden dowel in a pencil sharpener and use that to get the silicone out. Will remove the silicone without damaging the yoyo.


thanks for the info I already used that method on a shishkabob stick
I scraped it on the floor then clean it up with a lil sand paper
it got it out pretty good. Its just stuck on the sides


goo gone will remove anything… it’s seriously magical for stubborn pieces of response/glue


I didn’t read through all the replies but here is mine.

I have removed tons of responses and always come back to this. There is a spray product from CRC called Lectra-motive that is a phenomenal degreaser. It may not be safe for some plastic throws so use caution. I like to remove the pads first or silicon with a sharp wooden dowel then fill up just the response with a little of the spray. Let it sit for a minute then run the dowel around in the response again. Works like a charm on the pads that leave the sticky backing.

For silicon or gasket responses I just use the dowel. The wood sharpened to a point will get out everything with a bit of patience. It will not tear up the response either.


Ok im gonna have to try it some time next week I need to order some snow tires ;D