silicone help

i dont know if you can see but i got tiny bits of silicone stuck, and as you can tell i’ve badly scratched the recess. Any tips on removing it?

further info. i still, or rather was, rocking the oldschool flow-able silicone. trying to move away from that, i tried to use, in my case CLYW’s snow tires i thought the little bits wont matter much but it did; the string i use kitty slim, still ‘snags’ the return top. Furthermore this problem was about 3-4 months ago. I was hoping the pads would slim down enough so the problem would disappear

Some older clyws like your gnarwhal may have a shallower recess making the snow tires stick out. I’m pretty sure Snow tires came out after that release of the gnarwhal. My advice to you is to use flowable silicone over top of the bits that are stuck in the recess. This happens to me all the time, If you really want the residue out of the recess you should use a Q tip and go around the recess several times. Hope this helps.

Use a toothpick or other tool to pick out the silicone bits. It’s not that hard. The scratches are insignificant.

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try some goo gone -

lighter fluid also works. if it’s a decent anod. job - it shouldn’t affect the yoyo.



thanks for the help. i’ll try the recommendations. if its still there, ill probably stick with the silicone

I recommend this too. I have Goo Gone and it works like a charm. Just soak the ring with it and leave it in there for several minutes to soak up the residue, then it’s a easy clean.