Hey, sorry to be kind of frantic, but I need help fast.

I have a 2012 Genesis that I plan on using in my 5A Freestyle for the Georgia State Yoyo Contest. Well, one upon a time, it lost its original response pads, so I bought some of the Flowable Silicone from YYE to put in it. The job was done well and the yoyo has worked perfectly since. But, today, the silicone came out, so I figured I’d just do the same thing again. But, the silicon tube broke and dumped a lot of sticky silicone all over the yoyo half. Luckily, I had the axle in, so it did not go in that area, but the bearing seat, response seat (which is what I was aiming for) and the rest of the yoyo got sticky residue all over it and I can not seem to get it off (note that I let it dry first so I do not spread it around).

What can I do to fix this, because I would like to try that before spending $85 on a new one.


i am going to say that i am not the best person to answer this, but you may want to look into solvents like lighter fluid, mineral spirits or stronger stuff. that could potentially damage the ano though so do some research

flowable silicone? id wait for it to dry, maybe 5 hrs. and just peel it off.
Edit: i just read the note at end. try taking something soft like tissue paper or butt wiping paper and rub it off. use the same motion as using sand paper, but dont use sand paper. for the bearring seat id try a cotton swab

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Use some Klean Strip paint stripper, just brush the gel onto the yoyo and let it sit for a few minutes. Should wash right off with a tooth brush, some soap, and water. Also, wear rubber gloves for this, that paint stripper is nasty.

What do I do you ask?

I use a popsicle stick sharpened to a point. Just keep sharpening for a nice sharp edge.

Here’s the solution. Your Genesis has been forever ruined. Your only option is to send it to me so I an properly dispose of it.

You know, it is pretty bad, but if you want it, PM me with an offer.

Safe bet is use a different yoyo, there’s no certainty that any solution will be 100% effective especially with almost no testing time.

As noted above, wipe off as best you can, let it set, peel it off. Or you could also wipe it down good with acetic acid (vinegar), which acts as a solvent for uncured silicone. Then clean up the residual mess with a sharp stick as mullicabob suggests.

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Just let it harden a little bit then put rubbing alcohol all over it then so the silicone reacts and start peeling. Also have a paper towel ready as well for pieces falling off. this happens to me all the time cause I’m messy at resiliconing.

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Frankly, in all my years of working w/stuff I’ve never found rubbing alcohol to be effective on silicone. I don’t think it reacts. YMMV.

it works for me it just dries out the silicone and makes it easy to peel.

if it is a metal yoyo u can get a metal tin and put gobs of jasco stripper or similar, or sometimes u find paint and varnish stripper in spray cans spray it on itll be like snot then close the lid come back in 10 min then hose it off away from anything made of plastic or paint or other stuff the stripper will turn into snot, and like mentioned by someone else wear gloves, water will neautralize the stripper it is a acid…

avoid using oven cleaner it WILL remove anodization

i had to do the same thing to a metal yoyo i was experimenting with stuff to use in the response groove, Plumbers goop works real good for me, and it dries like a rubber band.

i also use a dremel with adjustable speed and a plastic wire brush to remove any exess


mineral spirit or zippo lighter fluid.

To everyone who’s recommending solvents, paint thinner etc - have you tried it? Was it on uncured or cured? As noted above vinegar will cut uncured sili rather well. Once cured I haven’t seen much that will remove it.

Both zippo and mineral spirit will soften dried silicone to a gelatinous, less sticky state, where it can be just wiped away with paper.

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silicone seems pretty easy to remove without the nasty stuff, but the nasty stuff will pretty much melt anything that you put in a yoyo

but paint remover will get it all off without having to do much rubbing, just rinse off, of course if the yoyo was plastic it will melt it into a pile of mucus

That depends on the paint thinner you use. Lacquer thinner and acetone will generally melt a plastic yoyo, mineral spirits will not. A delrin yoyo will probably not be affected by acetone or lacquer thinner either.