My silicone mod for my legacy went wrong and new theres silicone everywhere. Now I need a plastic to play 5a AND I ONLY HAVE A METAL! Why is life so cruel? What do I do :’(

Pick the silicone off.

yeah just let it dry for an hour or 2 then pick it off
and let it cure for 24 hours

my legacy is dead…silicone in the treads of the axel groove… :’(

Haha trust me it can be fixed you just need to pick it out wth a tack or something or even just play it and eventually it will all come off. :wink:

try paint thinner

Paint thinner will melt the legacys plastic. That works on metals though.

you dont even have to do that just screw it together
and how in the heak did you get silicone in the threds :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing is wrong with your yoyo. Just remove all you can and make sure you can get it out of the bearing seat. This way it doesn’t get in your bearing.

Silicone in the threads means nothing. When you screw it together, it will come off. If it doesn’t, so what.

Clean it up and play with it.

Not if he puts some on a rag and doesn’t get it on the plastic. But like he everyone else said, it doesn’t really matter.

The silicone is ON the plastic!

You could just pick it all of, and after, you might want to use a metal for 5A. If you use a bouncy ball counter weight, there is not even a chance of it hurting your yoyo. I use a dice anyway though, and nothing ever happens.

Dropping it? :wink:

I used rubbing alcohol to dissolve the silicone, it seemed to work. But I still have a tiny sliver in the bearings seat, any suggestions?

I like to use the tip of a pencil.

I meant on the axle.

Some of you guys act like silicone is crazy glue or something. It’s not that hard to get off. On flat surfaces, rub it with your fingers, a piece of cloth or a rubbery object like an eraser. In tight areas use pins, needles, a tooth pick, the end of a paper clip, etc., etc. Then again, maybe your yoyo is shot. :wink: Send them to me. ;D

I use a tooth pick. Mine have a rounded side and a picken side. just find something that wont kill the surface of your yoyo, and lightly scrape off the excess silicone

instead of a pencil tip use a paper clip.