kuyaChristian has a bunch of maintenance questions


For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just ask lots of maintenance questions I have at the moment in one thread. Earlier, I asked about bearing removal and now I’m asking for a much cleaner silicone job.

So I’ve spent the past 3 hours trying to get the bearing out of my YYF Hectic. Still not out. I know the whole procedure [wiggle wiggle, it will come out eventually]. I’m pretty patient myself, but this is still ridiculous. What’s the term again for when two metals ‘fuse’ together? Yeah, that’s what I’m getting and it’s frustrating kinda… O:

Any tips on how to fix this? I know I’m not the only one on this one :]


The stock answer is to put it in the freezer…
Have you done that?

Maybe try putting some WD-40 or penetrating oil around the bearing seat, then wiggle some more.

The metal on metal term you are looking for may be “galling”.


It’s really weird…I put a bit more force than usual [didn’t want to mess the bearing up by forcing it all the way] but it just went out easily O:

But I’ll keep it in mind in the future. I’m planning to do a mass-cleaning for my bearings and I need to get rid of it. By the way, can someone send me a referrence video/thread on how to deshield a bearing? I need to do them on all my bearings [mostly YYF SPECs] and maybe also some of my Center Track [unless they can’t be deshielded]


Check here for de-shielding. It’s probably in a how to clean bearings post.

List of useful modification and maintenance guides


Thank you very much! :] This will help me a whole lot.
By the way, I use Red RTV silicone [gasket maker] to silicone my yoyos. It has been maybe over a year since the last time I’ve siliconed, but I just remembered how ridiculous it is to completely scrape out the excess silicone after being cured. I don’t mind running my fingernails over and over again, but I want to make the job a lot cleaner so the yoyo ends up having a smooth texture with no small bits of silicone that I might have missed…

Any tips on that? I’ll try making a more simple explanation if none of you understood what I meant.

As for the bearings, I got the bearing out of my Hectic. I put the in my Yuuskta and Nova halves with the bearing in the freezer overnight and while I was able to take out the one from the Nova, the one from the Yuuksta still gives me a hard time.

I’ve also let it sit under the sun for an hour [expansion of metals] and now I’m trying to wiggle it again.


I use a credit card, wipe the excess then let dry. Once dry I peel off the excess from around the recess and there you have it.


I find the red RTV silicone really difficult to deal with as it doesn’t self level. Clear flowable is much much easier to install and clean up. It’s also a lot easier to remove cleanly when it’s time to replace it.


I use a plastic spoon for the same effect but I usually get a super messy job with red RTV silicone because the little funnel thing doesn’t work at times and when it does work, the silicone dries out the next time I use it. Any ways to prevent that too?

That’s what I heard too…I’ll have to check out clear flowable next time to save me lots of trouble. Will the response be just the same? O:


After the silicone cures in the nozzle, it should be fairly easy to pull it out as one big chunk. Then seal the tube with duct tape. Or leave the chunk in the nozzle until the next time you need it, then pull it out.


Seal the thing with duct tape…why didn’t I do that sooner?! Ahh, I feel stupid. I could have saved lots of the silicone if I did that [I lost the cap, that’s why lololol]
At least I got that done and over with.

…and more than 8 hours later [on and off], the bearing won’t still come out. I took the bearings out of almost all my yoyos out but this one and it’s frustrating… >.<
This yoyo and the bearing has some serious galling issues T____T


I shove a perfectly sized nail into the nozzle.


I don’t know how that’s going to help me, but it’s too vague that until further notice I’ll take your reply as a troll.

haha, i was so tired… i sounded like a total idiot.


He’s not trolling. I stick a nail in the nozzle of the silicone tube too.


I actually screw a screw into the nozzle.


OHHH!! The silicone nozzle. For some reason I thought it was something to do with bearing removal so it didn’t make sense how “I put a nail into the nozzle” might help on removing the bearing.

I almost forgot that the current topic in my own thread is silicone job. Been soo occupied with that tight bearing seat that it still makes me angry >.<

I made myself sound stupid T_____T


Three days later, still no good. Bearing is still hugging the bearing seat. I don’t have a can of WD-40 so I haven’t tried doing that. But I put it in a freezer for 24 hours, tried getting it out with the YYF multitool and still no good.

Do I have to use pliers since I’ll have a better leverage with that?

This is ridiculous >.< The toughest time I’ve had with bearing removal…


pliers with a rubber band around a frozen bearing work for me! ploers work. dont sqeeze too hard! try the string method, might work. or ask landon balk, or 3yo3 for help. hes awesome! wd 40 can be bought from walgreens i belive! and of corse hardware stores!



That seems interesting. Make sure you don’t put it in the freezer for to long. The shrink at different rates but they still shrink, if you leave it in too long it won’t do much. After freezing it, (Maybe 3-4 hours, Maybe more. trial and error) try pliers, wrap a rubber band around the bearing, take some pliers, squeeze, and wiggle. Make sure you don’t squeeze to hard, it’ll break the bearing.

If that doesn’t work, get some wd-40 and do what Icthus said.

If none of that works I’d say you have an issue with galling.


Yeah, I’ve never experienced this before. The only time I had a hard time with this was when I was trying to get this bearing off my DV888 but even that came off with good-ole pliers. But this yoyo had some serious galling issues I’ve never seen before.

I was able to borrow a can of WD-40 at my friend’s place today and soaked the bearing seat with it. I’m just letting it for a while and then get it out with a multitool and pliers.
Now that I soaked it with WD-40, I plan on letting it sit there for one more week just so it gets to every single crack and hopefully make the galling a bit looser.

I’m also scared of squeezing the bearing too hard because I’ve had a case when I broke a bearing by squeezing too hard…But I just want to get this out of my yoyo so I can clean it.



Let us know the results!