opening a bearing?

My friend suggested opening the bearing to get the silicone out. Can anyone explain how to do that?

There are many videos on how to clean a yoyo bearing. This often involves showing how to remove the side shields and immersing the bearing in a solvent of some sort, most often mineral spirits. Do some Google research on “cleaning a yoyo bearing” and you’ll get some good ones. There’s actually many good ones.

As far as removing silicone from a bearing, I gotta ask why would you need to do that? And I ask that because you should never have done something to put you into a position where you need to remove silicone from a bearing. One you got the shields out, you’ll need to use a tooth pick or a needle. Be patient, be thorough. Use some compressed air to blow it out as well. And if you’re going through all that effort to remove silicone by removing the shields, you better just go ahead and clean the bearing out as well.

My suggestion? My local Dollar Tree has these 4 little glass bowls for a dollar. Buy mineral spirits at Home Depot for like $9 for a quart(should last a LONG time), toothpicks, A needle or long pin for de-shielding, compressed air, and 2 paper towels. Follow the videos, have fun.

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Remove the shields, soak in vinegar, rinse, clean, lube.

Vinegar is an acid that will work on the silicone.

I was looking for this thanks

what do you mean rinse and clean?

I think he means soak it in vinegar to loosen and remove the silicone.

Rinse it under filtered water. Purified would be better. Run the bearing by hand for a few minutes to help it dry/remove the water.

Then, I’m taking liberties here. Clean using mineral spirits. Remove, let dry, spin to remove residue. Lube, replace, have fun again.

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Do you have any bearing cleaning preferences or can you tell me how to de shield the bearing?

I use mineral spirits. I actually found what I chose to purchase based on one of the cleaning videos. Commonly available, easy to get.

How to de-shield a bearing? Again, they cover that in a video.

Check this one out, it’s the one I refer back to:

Seriously, watch the video. It takes care of a lot of the questions. It’s not some high quality production, but it’s thorough. It’s also been embedded here many times before.