How do I clean a bearing ??


Recently I just found out that without cleaning my bearing, my yoyo’s performance had changed drastically from smooth play and slowly to become a burden to me :frowning: im now using YYJ Speedmaker and thats what happened. I wish the same thing would not happen to my new ordered YYF Protostar Neon.

i had do some research but still cant make decision and i still dont know the actual correct way to clean bering.

anyone can explain to me step by step ? its better with diagrams.

Do i have to remove the bearing inner caps ? (like in what had stated in

and which solvent do i use ? i know WD-40 is out of the list already.
A) Lighter fluid
B) Mineral spirit
C) Painter thinner
anything else ??


You should really check out the mods forum about this. Plenty of info there.

First get a jar(baby food jar), fill it up enough with the solvent used to clean the bearing(mineral spirits, lighter fluid, etc.). Make sure you pour in enough so that the whole bearing is bathe in it. Before you put the bearing in, make sure you deshield it. Use a sewing needle to take off the c clips. Soak the bearing in the jar with the solvent for a couple hours. Take it out and spin dry or blow dry it with compressed air if you have access. You may have to soak it a 2nd time to fully clean it.


This link:,871.0.html

And once you’ve done that, this method is awesome as well:,23234.0.html


If plastic make sure to fully get all of whatever fluid you used out.


do i need to put back the c clips afterwards ??


Either do put in the shields and the c-clips or don’t put any of it back. This is mainly a preference thing, some people like having shields and c-clips on, some don’t. It won’t affect the play of the yoyo.


could you tell me how do i take off the c-clips and shields with the sewing needle ?


There should be a small gap where the c-clip opens. This is illustrated in the two pictures below (look at where the red arrows are pointing). Take the pointy end of the sewing needle and use it to pry out the c-clip by pressing out the little ends of the c-clip in that gap. It’s a bit difficult, but just be patient. Once the c-clip is out, the shield will either fall out, or will come out if you lightly tap the bearing on a table or something.
Hope I helped.