What response?

Im looking to get some extra response pads for my Di base. The shop says the response Is c3 yoyo design silicone O-ring, but I can’t find that in the shop! What type of response should I use? Besides flowable silicone I don’t want to do something wrong.

you should use flowable silicone.
if you do something wrong, learn from it. It’s a necessary part of maintenance that all yoyoers should learn to do.
Plus even if you do do something wrong, so what? Just clean it up and do it again. silicone is cheap and not too hard to clean off of aluminum.

I second that motion.

I learned how to silicone and it was slow in the beginning but now I’ve got the hang out it. I’m so glad I learned how to do it.

Alright,I’ll use flow able silicone. I was just afraid I was going to completely mess up my yoyo.

Naw it comes out easy enough.

Just make sure you remove the bearing before siliconing the yoyo.

Just really make sure you inspect your work under really bright light and take extra care to ensure that the excess that you’re trying to remove is in fact coming out and not getting into the bearing recess. If it gets in there, it’s no big deal, you just have to make sure you get it all out. Any you miss in the bearing recess could get into your bearing, causing it to misbehave and/or lock-up. If this happens, don’t panic. Take the yoyo apart again, remove the bearing, de-shield the bearing and see if simply blowing it out will remove the little bits of dried silicone from the bearing. If not, a good cleaning and blowing out should do it.

Before you silicone in, watch some videos and REMOVE the bearing.

watch out, if youre not careful you can ruin a throw


you can’t ruin a yoyo by using some flowable silicone. if you could, we wouldn’t still use it as a response.

Another good tip though is to use a different colour silicone than the yoyo. That way you can easily see excess, and get rid of it. That’s why I like to use red. not only because it’s technically the only colour that’s different (red is high temp, meaning it can withstand heats up to like 600 degrees instead of the normal 550, which doesn’t matter because it won’t get that hot) but it also stands out on almost every one of my yoyos.

And to apply it, something I’ve seen done is put it inside of a syringe. That way you don’t waste a lot in the application tube.

also, to clear away the initial excess, I think a spoon works better than a card or paper. it leaves a sort of concave in the silicone.


Scrape it out and start over. Problem solved.

Worse case is you wreck a bearing. If cleaning won’t fix it, replace it. Bearings aren’t terribly expensive. Problem solved.

A common problem is putting silicone in a yoyo that can’t really hold it in there good. One of two things will happen: it will grind away or it will rip out whole or in bits.


Ok thanks guys, I’m using white silicone on a black di base so that will stand out pretty well. Thanks for all the tips!

What kind of while silicone? The stuff we’re talking about comes from auto parts stores or is meant for automotive use.

Are you using bathtub/shower/sink stuff? If so, report back what and how well it’s working for you.

Black with white… nice combo!

I’ve used the type for showers/sinks and they work perfectly well.

I’m going to use the one that I think says windshield and glass sealers from a local hardware store, probably Home Depot if they have some.

you can use the stuff they sell at the dollar store. looks like this http://images.motorcycle-superstore.com/ProductImages/OG/0000_Permatex_Blue_RTV_Silicone_--.jpg

at mine, they sell it in clear, black, red, blue, or grey. it’s cheap, and works for plenty of uses.