More silicone trouble please help!!!


So the same thing happened again the silicone comes out in bits
How do I clean it up easily?
How do I prevent this from happening in the future?
How come this keeps happening?
How do I make it come clean off like a sticker the next time I do flowable silicone?


Are you letting it dry completely?


waited the full 24 hours


How are you taking it out?


I use a tooth pick usally comes clean off like a sticker.
But now this has happened. atleast seven times not accounting the arctic circle (twice) and my gnarwhal (just today)
It was all good till one day this happened. Now its happening repetitively. Its like god put a curse on me or something.


At this point, good luck with an easy clean up. It is NOT going to happen.

How do you prevent this? It looks like you didn’t let it cure. Could you let me know what product you’re using? I can’t tell what yoyo you’re siliconing. Maybe the recess isn’t completely “silicone-compatible”.

Why does this keep happening? Many reasons.

Are you letting it cure while sitting on a level surface?
What are your general weather and other conditions?
Is it old or new stuff?
How long do you take to do this?
Did you clean the groove out first? Did you use a chemical? Did you let it evaporate or otherwise clean out the cleaning agent?
What yoyo are doing this to? What string, because some rough strings will chew the response to bits.
Are you scraping out the excess?


Dunno mang. Make sure it’s slightly less than flush with the groove. You may also have some garbagey silicone. Which brand, exactly, are you using? If it’s silicone caulking it’s just not durable enough. You need the window seal stuff.

You never know-- even if you have the “right stuff”, you may have a bad tube of it. I’ve never applied silicone that didn’t just peel out later. Oh sure, there’s sometimes one or two stuck spots that also come out easily, but nothing like what you’re showing.

My best guess is that whatever silicone you’re using isn’t cured properly OR just isn’t tough enough (like silicone caulking).


Yes i let it cure while sitting on a leveled surface
Mile high up. Dry as a burning wasteland. Hot. But getting some more rain and is getting a bit cooler.
I cleaned the groove to the very last speck i can guarantee that. No I didn’t use chemical’s.
Arctic circle, Chief, Now my gnarwhal, and possibly my bear vs man in the future.
Regular bulk poly,
Yes by using a toothpick and using a brush attachment on my small dremel.




No idea if Versachem is tough enough. It’s probably the same as the Permatex stuff. That said, I would still try another brand if you’re getting these kinds of results. I’ve only used Permatex and have had no problems thus far.


Versachem is basically the same.


Basic problem-solving and trouble-shooting methodology suggests trying something else. There’s an old definition of insanity that goes something like: “Insanity is trying the same thing many times and expecting different results.”

I think this thread has a few suggestions that are worth following up on, only one of which is, “Maybe it’s just not a good tube of silicone for the job.” It’s up to you to pick which of them you want to follow through on at this point. There are no other factors that we’ve collectively forgotten as far as I can tell.


ok wait maybe I am not getting this right but you are trying to take it out but it is coming out in bits rather then all in once piece right?
Or are you talking about it coming out in bits while you play?

I figure its the first options so here is my advise.

If you are using flowable silicone you really don’t need to get all the bits out as long as they are stuck in there well. The flowable will just flow around the old stuff and do its job either way.
personally I like when mine does that because it means it was in the yoyo well and won’t cause problems, by flying out while your play. How ever I do actually get it all out when I clean out my throws for new silicone. I just bust a toothpick and use the rough side of the toothpick(where the break is.) to scrub it out. Sometimes lube helps a bit but not a lot.


I would have to agree with part of what Schnayke was saying about it being a good thing that it won’t come out cleanly in a small way. this must be some very durable silicone you are using to put up such a good fight on it’s removal, which makes me wonder why you want to emove it in the first place !!

That being said though, I have siliconed at least a couple of hundred YoYo’s and always used Permatex. This issue has never come up with any of the YoYo’s I’ve used Permatex on.
I agree with the ideas posted above that you should probably try Permatex. You may think what you are using is the same thing, but beings that you are having this issue, I would argue that it is not the same thing. Just muscle through removing this silicone as best you can and try using something else.

My hats off to Verschem though, it sounds like it’s a pretty tough silicone !


I think using permatex is the way to go. Nobody here wants you to go insane.


First of all im sane
second Ill just get permatex


I’ve had this happen to me a couple times. I usually just have at it with a few q-tips and rubbing alcohol. It doesn’t take very long to clean it up, it’s just a nuisance. Just make sure to change q-tips often, or else the residue from the used q-tip will just keep falling back into the response/bearing area and you won’t get to far. :slight_smile:


I know I use acetone instead