Had to resilicone a yoyo today after my previous attempt didn’t work out very well. I used a needle to try to scoop the old silicone out, but the pad was too fragile to pull out in one piece. After about 10-20 minutes of ripping tiny pieces of silicone out of my yoyo with the aid of a paper towel, a toothpick, and a needle, i got the response pad seat to a suitably clean condition. Is there any reason why thensilicone was sonhard to take out? I need some tips quick because i’m planning to resilicone another throw tomorrow. Thanks

Use Goo Gone, it’ll make taking out the residues easier. You can get it at Wal-Mart, just soak the residues with Goo Gone and wait several minutes then use a small flathead screwdriver for timepieces to scrape it out.

Silicone is traditionally hard to remove. You just have to deal with it. Goo gone will not do much to it. That stuff works on the adhesive used for sili pads but not too much on silicone itself.

Ah ok makes sense. I’ve never tried siliconing my yoyo with that stuff before, I just end up buying new response pads since they’re easy to install and is convenient on the go.

I just grab a toothpick and scrape in a circle around, rinse with water, then a jet of compressed air, and repeat as needed on any little specs I miss.

I use bamboo skewers to scrape it out. Little more durable than a toothpick.

I’m with LaDave. Goof off or goo gone is awesome. I use it to clean my bearings, seats and response groove. Make sure the groove is clean before you start, it should make it easier next time.

Actually it’s better to have the silicone sticks instead of peeling by itself on play.