cleaning the silicone groove

I realized that super gluing a silicone o ring isn’t a good idea when after i took it out to put flowable silicone that the silicone kept falling out… how do you clean up superglue without hurting a the plastic??

I would just chip it out of there, a scratched up serface would hold the silicone better anyhow.
You will not have a perfect yoyo after that, but then again you don’t now.

For stuff like this I always use toothpicks ;D
They are wooden so they can’t heavily scratch surface of the yoyo.

i tried my sisters nail polish remover but i realized it was drying out the plastic a whole bunch

Did you try to scratch it from the surface?

First thing I did

In things like this I just spend a lot of time doing it harmless way (scratching from surface) instead of using more extreme options.
I think scratching it with something sharp will work and will do less harm then some chemicals.

should be the same with a plastic yoyo

For real just get in their with a knife and try not to take out much of the material from the yoyo its self.

I’d get a knife and scrape carefully. Chuck out the big pieces and try to get the rest. Then use rubbing alcohol on the remaining tiny bits.

Not sure if it still does but nail polish remover used to contain acetone. It’s not good for plastics.
Use rubbing alcohol as previously suggested.

I almost used rubbing alcohol but used it ace tone nail polish remover :-\ will this eat the plastic?

Yes - An acetone based nail polish remover can melt the plastic. That’s why people who dye yoyos use it. It softens the plastic so the dye can penetrate.