OD Rally Dirty

Hi friends,

So I was cleaning out the response groove for my OD Rally so I could silicone it, when the gunk from the adhesive got rubbed into the plastic.
Here is a picture for reference. For the record, I am talking about the grey stuff on the red plastic, not the metal part.

So how do I clean it up? I’ve tried rubbing it with rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover. No luck yet. Thanks guys.

try some lighter fluid (as in Zippo).

Warm water and some dish detergent. Old toothbrush as well.

Please don’t do this. Any petroleum based solvent/cleaner is a really bad idea for cleaning anything made of plastic. Certain solvents WILL damage the plastic.

I’ve used it w/o problems on polycarb and delrin yoyos. Do you have different experience? Or is the Rally something else entirely?

He’s already tried nail polish remover, which more than likely contains some acetone which does damage most plastics I’m aware of. In fact that may have caused the grime to dissolve into the plastic making it permanent.

Many moons ago, I superglued some weight rings to my Starlite. Horrible idea since they were each like 4 grams. I used some acetone to get the glue off and it did a handsome job at eating the plastic.

I would imagine that acetone would do the same thing to a Rally since both are made out of polycarb (unless I’m mistaken). Not sure of the concentration in the nail polish remover he used, but I would think it’d do more than simply impregnate the grime into the plastic.

Personally, I wouldn’t even worry about it. It’s very faint as well as hidden near the bearing seat. But I’d try soap and warm water before anything else.


Goo Be Gone

Here’s a dirty One Drop Rally after some super loving by a 4 year old.  FYI, it still plays perfectly fine!