upgrade from DM2


I’ve had a Dark Magic 2 for quite some time now, and I was wondering if there is any yoyo that I can “upgrade” to, or a way to mod it for improved performance?


You can silicone it for a different response.

You can change bearings. That’s always fun. Buy one of each of the shaped bearings and a OD 10 Ball.

You can remove the caps. This lets you do IRG tricks.

You can try different strings.

Other than that, the term upgrade is really relative. I’d probably assume a full metal. Budget and things you are looking for are major points. I really like the DM2. I don’t see anything being an upgrade, but that’s true as far as most yoyos are concerned. I mean, you can “upgrade” your Legacy II to a DM2 since they are very similar, with the Legacy II being an all plastic DM2.

I have loads of stuff, yet I’ve recently just come back to my DM2. Chances are I’ll be back on my Anglam in a week or so. But, I can have loads of fun with a Classic, Trigger or other less expensive stuff as well. I’m more concerned with “variety” and “performance” and “fun”. Those are my key points.

They way I see it, there is no “better”. There is no “upgrade” for the most part. There is only “different”. Yoyo is so subjective that price doesn’t equate to necessarily “more” or “better”. If you don’t like the yoyo, cost is irrelevant.

Now, having said that, there’s a lot of cost-effective yoyos that offer different play with high performance and reasonable prices. Come up with a budget and what you might be interested in and go to the “help/recommendations” area for some discussion on what might be a better fit for you. No matter what, I think the users of YYE would prefer that regardless what you choose, that you choose well and like your decision and don’t end up wasting money.


There is no “upgrade”. It’s a quality yoyo that plays well and has its own specific characteristics of play. There are yoyos that play quite differently, but probably only "better’ in someone’s opinion, and that probably cost considerably more. That’s not saying there are not other “good” yoyos out there.


thanks guys. I’m definitly going to try some of those mods now.