UPDATED:Galactic Goose! READ!!!!!!!!

Did the Galactic Goose come out already?? I was on youtube and watching vids, i click on a link that leads me to yoyo galaxies website, i see the galactic goose and its sold out??? When did it come out?

EDIT: To save you guys some scrolling the galactic goose is coming out tomorrow!!! Don’t believe me scroll down and read what the admin says.

I heard it was only released at yoyogalaxy first, they have the pre-release run, hopfully andre will bring some here…

It’s my understanding that they have the first run. I think a full production run will be released soon. I asked Andre a while back and he said mid November if I remember correctly.

From a galaxy far far away…

Galactic Goose arriving tomorrow here at YoYoExpert. :wink:


wish they made em in diffrent colors … not a fan of the whole leafy brown golden colors… :-\

Is there a certain time to expect them?

Didn’t say but hopefully theres a count down.

Any news on when these are going up?