A Note To Everyone, And Some Exciting News.

First of all. I would like to apologise for not being around the forums lately, or over the past few months. Been a hard time in life lately, and I just havent had time. I should be around the forums more now. Things are starting to look up. :wink: Great to be back.

Now, for my exciting news. My mom did half her christmas shopping on this past Sunday. I will be getting a SEVERE and Pink Bassalope for christmas so far. And yes I CHOSE the Pink. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: .

Anyone have news I might wanna know about since I havent been around lately? :slight_smile:

One drop’s m1 is going byby (sniff sniff).yes it’s being discontnued.

Wha?? No! :’(

Never liked them that much, but its a great throw, sad to see it go. :frowning:

Glad to have you back!

the galactic goose is supposedly coming out today.

Hey welcome back…

glad to have you back but you weren’t on much when i first joined. i still remember you.

Welcome back Connor! Although I haven’t been on much either…

welcome back.

Thanks Guys. I was on ALOT when the site first started up, the forums pretty much consisted of Me, Samad, Pheenix(JonasK), Robert. :smiley:

corection it is not being discontinued it is getting retired and also they are on sale right now for 45 dollars

yyfcountdown has a lot of new releases and news

In this case, what;s the difference between being retired and discontinued? Either way, no more will be made.

discontinued is no more and retired it can come out of retirement

the MVP, Lunatic, Galactic Goose are out. YYE has also picked up Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works. There also has been a YYE Battle Royal that you may have missed that was pretty exciting.

Yeah, ive managed to keep up with new releases, but man. Sad that i missed out on the battle royal, who came out on top?

I think Ibanezcollecter (Bret)


No, actually it was a reall close one. But Starscreem managed to win a pack of 30 Gator Floss String which is sadly now discontinued.

and eventually I joined the group.

Speaking of, what happened to Robert? He was so cool!

Im friends with Robert on facebook and talk to him regularly. Sadly, He does not throw much anymore. Although I think hes back into it. He does tons of other skill toys; Juggling, Contact Juggling, Etc. But as I said, I think hes back into throwing, so hopefully we might start to see more of him again. :wink: