I'm Back!!!


Hey guys,
I’m back from Spain, my vacation with my family! Sorry that I’m not online in here during Spain trip.
So do me a favor, can you tell me something going on in here and tell me something new please, because I missed a lot of things.

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: I’m trying to upload a picture of me and my yoyoes in Spain here.

(Jamesofyoyo) #2

One Drop is selling P2 for 75$ because their anidiser screwed up! Welcome Back!


Do you mean Project 2, a new series of Project?

Happy Throwing! =]


That would be correct.

Also, were you here for the release of the DV888, Hectic, and Frantic, all part of the fundaMETAL line from YYF, a series of high end metal yoyos for low prices ($60ish).

(Shisaki) #5

Wooly Marmots are gonna be realsed in a week or so.


June eXpert hasn’t been announced, so it could be you! :slight_smile:


I thought you left us :wink:

Welcome back!


I got a new yoyo. You’ll never know what it is!


We have a 5a contest.


I like Black Knights.


Wait, what?

Happy Throwing! =]


The DV888 and Hetic were released before Spain trip, and the frantic looks cool. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]


Cool, and I already post it, so you can look it up.

Happy Throwing! =]


oh then welcome back…