Project 2!!!!!!!



that link works :wink:


Sorry, I was just VERY exited.



(JonasK) #5

I am not even buying one, still, I find myself in the shop-cam watching the One Drop guys sending those P2s out.


I hope they are still available for 2 months…

(JonasK) #7

They will be restocked continuously.


look great, a bit on the expensive side tho… :’(

(Shisaki) #9

I got a blue/green P2 ;D ;D


I am going to get one once the rush is over…

In like 10 minutes 12 sold.


Why not get one now?


No cash… ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

And I am getting 3 yos today so my Dad wouldn’t let me get another…

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

i want one but it is a little too expencive. if it was 75 id be all over it!

(Shisaki) #14

But then you cant expect it to be less then the original project tho. Its actually a pretty nice price but is on the expensive side. Bought it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, I think compared to a lot of yoyos out there it isn’t expensive at all.


purple and red for me :), i thought the price was fair, how much money were the other projects?

(JonasK) #17

90 dollars isn’t that much for a metal. Remember that a part of the price goes to sodablasting which improves grinding from just anodizing. It is 20 dollars more than a Dv888, but 30 dollars less than an 888.


expensive? i was thinking it was cheap.


(Shisaki) #20

$90 also