Bully's are avaiable


Just a FYI, I know some of you were talking about the Bully from Big Brother YoYo’s. It is available at the OneDrop store. It look sweet, and it’s only 99 bucks!


I will see if I can get one.lol (brobably not happening)


Ugh…looks so good >:(

No money…And I’m trying to save up for a Project ($15 baby, $65 more to go ;)) and it depends on how much the P2’s gonna cost. I might have to snag one of these puppies eventually.


Lol,same with me.I NEED money!!!


Very nice yo. But my problem is not the same as yours. I have Quite a lot of money but sadly no yoyos to spend it on >:(. but oh well maybe 2 months later. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Jeromy K.) #6

I’m getting one and returning the Hugo It is too lite and small for my liking and the Bully is going fast and I want one befor they are all gone.

(JonasK) #7

Wanybody wants to mail one to me, my mailbox is really welcoming. I really don’t have anymoney at all now, so let’s just wait for the P2.