One Drop screw ups! (75$ Project 2's!!!)

At onedrop store, 75$ for this thing! Just because of the small anidising flaw. (The round circle thingy) (It looks so cool! I don’t know which to get, this or the fools gold peak!) :wink: The P2 is cool huh?!?

Darn! I already spent my money on a Dv888! Ah well

Yea, been up 2 days or so and it only comes in green or orange.

I just got a green one ;D ;D ;D

Clarification : OneDrop did not screw up, the annodizer that OneDrop uses screwed up.

You still win with a great price though

small bearing?

Awesome! Just for that little circle.

I was just about to say that. OD does not screw up, i mean look at the P2, like AMAZING and still a cheap price.

I didn’t write one drop screws up. I wrote one drop screw ups. (meaning those yoyos are somehow screwed up) :wink: