One Drop Project: 10th Anniversary


So November is the 10th anniversary of OneDrop’s Project. I’m not sure exactly which day it was released… but I’ve been curious what they have planned.
I actually asked about this back in April out of curiosity, and they said that they had something planned, but didn’t go into specifics. So, leading on from this:
What do you think would be the best thing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of OneDrop’s endeavour into yoyo-making?




I’d like a rereleased Project 1, only change would be to have it use side effects.


I would like everything but not the side effects to celebrate the Project.
The hexagonal nut was a true genius, easily available when needed, customizable, aesthetically impacted and highly functional (in case of the axle-strips the cups can remaining be used and the yoyo working).
A lot of benefits at a miserable and immediately replaceable cost, for me, has been one of the biggest innovation on the yoyo for 30 years now.
The hexagonal die with its seat and the rubber pads is the face of the Project, its business card, its essence! (along with the grooves in the catch zone).
One yoyo, even the same as the Project, but without hexagonal nut, would not even be relative to it and certainly could not celebrate it.


How about a bi-metal project with the Hex-nut?

Paying homage to the past; but looking to the future.


That would be pretty cool, especially as a Project 3. However, I’m not sure if Shaun has figured out how to make bi-metals without them just costing too much. I believe he covered in pretty well in this video. But as he said it, it would basically cost him an uneconomical amount to make one.


this is a best idea.
for my experience, however, I can say that the bi-metal doesn’t add anything more to a mono-metal yoyo, whenever I use a bi-metal I rest somewhat disappointed, while just resuming a yoyo in aluminum, I am surprised again You play well.
it would still be a pretty idea (though a little foreseeable).
I realize that such an important legacy as that of the Project is difficult to honor, but remaining on the bi-metal concept, some idea might come from a gift …


I told you BEER. The man even said it himself!


I just thought about it now, that’s already done, it’s called Rebirth


Rebirth is different. It’s wider, bigger diameter, bigger gap, different pads, different weight distribution, different rims.

I LOVE the Rebirth, but it’s definitely not a Project 1 with SE’s. I’ve actually thought the Rebirth could also be called a Project 3. But for an Anniversary Project, it’d be great to have the original, but updated a tad. Similar to what they did with the ti Peak. Same overall design, but some subtle tweaks.


from Onedrop web site:
"[i]…Ryosuke is a huge of fan of the One Drop classic yo-yos (Project and Project 2). When we asked him what he wanted for a signature yo-yo he came up with the design and concept of the Rebirth which is an updated modern version of the Projects.

Back in the days of the Project, a 50mm diameter was considered “normal” size. Nowadays that is considered “undersized”. To bring the Rebirth back to a “normal” range, the diameter is 53mm.[/i]"

the Rebirth is a re-designed project and updated to current play-style standards, wider, with greater gap, new response system, etc… just as it has been with Peak2 against the Peak


Just like I said above :wink:


I just watched the video.

Sometimes, the answer is staring you in the face. I have said this before: Good luck trying to out-cheap the Chinese. They have structural advantages in purchasing raw-materials, cost of machinery and cost of capital that are both anticompetetive and insurmountable. So why try to compete with that? Just because you are machinists; own machines; and know how to make stuff with them; does not mean that you HAVE to.

What is the value of Onerop? Is it a machining company that makes yo-yo’s? Or, is it the BRAND OneDrop that happens to still machine their own product? I would submit that OneDrop; and specifically the Project, as a brand, is worth way more than $21 a yo-yo. By my calculation, they could design a bi-metal Project, have it made and sell it all-day for $120+. That leaves OneDrop $50 and YYE $49 of margin. The ONLY thing preventing this from happening is that OneDrop continues to believe that they have to make all their own stuff in Eugene. It is commendable to stand on principal; but is that good business?


To me it is always good business to follow your values and stand on principal.

One reason I love One Drop.


Why then, has all low-tech American manufacturing moved overseas? While it might have made you feel good to write it; the reality is clearly the opposite. Those that “stand on principal” are just saying: “I will ignore economic reality and do what makes me feel good”. As 21st Century Americans, we all know how that story will end. The endless manufacturing wasteland of rural America is a testament to that.

The value of One Drop is not in manufacturing yo-yo’s. The value is in the intellectual property of the team and its ability to design and market yo-yo’s for the US market. Your loyalty to the One Drop brand is a testament to the connection they have built with the yo-yo community over the years.

One Drop could continue to design, market and profit from yo-yo’s while turning their machining prowess to high-value goods that cannot be manufactured elsewhere. The US military leaps to mind… I hear they pay outrageous prices for stuff.


What are you arguing? OD should sell their machinery and have someone else make their yoyos because it’s cheaper, plenty of low budget yoyos out there made in china to satisfy you. I can always tell when a yoyo is made in china, feels cheap looks cheap. CLYW does that now, their yoyos are given away at 40% discount in mystery boxes.


We don’t write nonsense.
A Peak 10 years ago, in terms of quality is not better at a Manatee produced today in China.
In China, today, they have the best CNC machines, the best materials and all the know-how needed to make excellent products. That’s all and everything else is talk and marketing.
That being said, however, I do not agree with the reasoning made by YoyoGeezer, OneDrop is a structured company to produce, invested in this by purchasing over the years great CNC machines and its owner is a professional who has great capabilities (and has all my esteem and respect), has been able to profit over the years with yoyo at very competitive prices (the sovereign was the titanium yoyo sold at the lowest price list ever and equal to the prices of Chinese products like the Vosun Ti, the M1 was a very economical yoyo, idem the Project, Yfactor ect …). It could produce a bi-metal and have enough profit margins even in Oregon (a bi-material did it to me, selling it quietly, so where would the problem be?)
There is no need for them to arrive in China, and Anyway, going to produce it, you should necessarily share the design aspect (you need to provide 3d cad and machine code), so their know-how and this is the stupid thing that all the companies in the world have done … here’s the because the Chinese have copied for years but now, they create and invent …

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‘Merica :eagle::tumbler_glass::us:

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China simply don’t have the best materials. Where did you get that idea from?


No? and why, what quality raw materials are missing in China?
long ago I searched the Nitinol lathing bars online (you know what it is, what features it has and how much?) I had to look for a lot and I found only three wholesale sellers … guess where they were all three. . Americans? Europeans? Scandinavian? no, Chinese!
P.S. the same argument applies to machinery