Onedrop Project 2

Hey I just wanted to know where to find the Onedrop Project or Project 2?Because I looked at the Onedrop site and they did not have it their :o

You can check the BST’s. One is bound to pop up.

I’ll email the guy to see if any special editions coming out. BUt they are ALWaYs making a new special edition…

If you look hard in BST’s you can find a nice p2 with a anno flaw for a cheap price.
I got mine for 55 Dollars.

David is bound to make some more before christmas.

Ok thanks guys I’ll check.

I think I saw somewhere onedrop is restocking them in January.

hell make mor b4 christmas hopefully

Yeah I hope they do to.

It would only make sense to make them before Christmas. People want their One Drop yo-yos, and for a good price.